Modern Storage in Orange GO-FS6076C

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GO-FS6076C cabinet is a modern metal steel storage cabinet for home  and office.  It is folding and portable design with mobile and free standing function. The metal steel storage cabinet can be used for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

. Foldable
. Lockable
. Logo Customization
. Quick Assemble

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Iron sideboards and living room storage cabinets are common and practical pieces of furniture in modern home decoration. Iron sideboards often feature multiple storage and display areas for serving cutlery, wine glasses, and other table essentials. This cabinet is usually made of solid iron material and has a modern design that can add a calm atmosphere to a dining room or kitchen. Living room storage cabinets usually have multiple drawers, cabinets and display racks, and can be used to store books, magazines, televisions, audio equipment and other daily necessities.

Iron living room storage cabinets are usually sturdy in construction and have a simple design that makes efficient use of space. Whether it is an iron sideboard or a living room storage cabinet, they provide practical storage space for the home and can become the finishing touch of home decoration due to their sturdy material and modern design. We manufacture the cabinets for home furniture wholesaler, furniture retailers and furniture shop.

Commodity Size

Standard Szie:

W600*D350*H760 mm

W760*D350*H915 mm

W915*D350*H915 mm


Product Features


. Mobile & Floor Standing Front Legs

. Lockable Door Option

. Material: Galvanized Steel

. Indoor and Outdoor Use
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sideboard cabinet
Living room Storage
Home Side Storage Unit
modern 2 door sideboard
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