Storage Cabinet TV Stand Black GO-FS11050C

Short Description:

This is a black TV Cabinet Metal Cabinet with Legs.  It is folding and portable design. Available in different colors.

. Foldable
. Lockable
. Logo Customization
. Quick Assemble
. Mail Package

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Manufacturing and wholesale home Steel Storage TV Cabinet which is a home TV cabinet made of high-quality steel with the characteristics of high strength and durability. It usually contains multiple storage areas that can be used to store home audio and video equipment, books, movie discs and other items. The properties of steel give this TV cabinet a solid structure and can provide reliable support for placing TVs and other heavy equipment.

In addition, this TV cabinet usually has a modern and simple appearance design that can match various home styles. Overall, the Home Steel Storage TV Cabinet is a practical, durable and great-looking piece of furniture that provides an excellent storage and display solution, it will be a popular pieces in furniture market and suitable for online retail and furniture store.

Product Size

. Width: 1100mm     

. Depth: 350mm     

. Height: 500mm     

Product Features

. Foldable

. Lockable Door Option

. Material: Iron Steel

. Logo Customization

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